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This is my Articles section, where I post all my articles and issues.

Why I don't like Web3

A introduction to the modern web, NFTs and the Metaver$e.

I am a user of a network most people call "The Internet". Cool, but my problem with it spans today.
The worst part about what the new kids call "Web3" is that it is now replacing the world that we know it.
It all starts in 2021. Facebook rebrands themself to Meta, to accomplify to this new Metaverse (literally 1984)
Meta has invested $420 (nice) million into the new Metaverse, and NFTs pop up not too long later.

NFTs are just images of things posted into a "digital museum" and get sold for millions. Weird stuff.
There has been a warfare in the internet recently between if you support NFTs (you should'nt) or if you don't.
There had been people stealing art from artists and resellling it as a NFT to gain thousands.
But the main point of this article isn't all about JPEG images and fake 3D models to simulate life, it's...

Why Web3 must be stopped

...but all hope is not lost! There has been a community getting Web3 down, hopefully for good.